Today I don’t want to talk about insurance, but assurance.

Most people have insurance and know why they need it. But do you have assurance? Do you know why you need it? Assurance: Oxford Dictionary definitions. 1. a positive declaration intended to give confidence: a promise. a guarantee, a promise, pledge or vow 2. confidence or certainty in someone or something 3. certainty about something … Read more

What does rating on your auto policy mean?

The type of use you drive your vehicle. Pleasure means regular use maybe commute to school or work. Business means I use my vehicle during working hours for work such as to meet with clients, sales calls, business trips mostly incidental. This is important that you rate your car or truck correctly as if you … Read more

Things everyone should know, but most do not!

Insurance myths: I have full coverage so everything is covered! WRONG. Even on an ALL Peril Policy everything is not covered. They, the insurance company says this is an all peril policy then gives you 13 pages of the things that are not covered called EXCLUSIONS. For example these thing probably will not be covered: … Read more

Home Warranty

Why I need one. When I need one. First off, Home warranties cover things your homeowners policy does not. Repairs! Repairs to electrical, plumbing, appliances, AC and Heat units, and more. Most new homes will not need one for at least 5 to 7 years because everything is new, and builders may have purchased one … Read more

Life Insurance, Covid-19 changes things.

If there is ever a time to get your finances and estate plan together is now. Covid-19 has shown us that life is fragile, and one day your here and healthy, the next maybe not. I have to admit I just coming back to work after a wake up call. I started having symptoms for … Read more


IN the importance category of coverage protection for your home replacement is right up there at number 3. Life insurance to protect your family from financial ruin if they lose you because of death. Protect Mortgage. Liability- Protects everything you have worked for and saved from being taken from you in lawsuit. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist- protects … Read more

Auto Insurance

Everything you should know about auto insurance coverage. Don’t make cheap insurance your goal. Make the best coverage for the best price your goal. I will not go in to great depth on Liability here but you should read my other post on liability for information on that. You will get the short version here. … Read more

At work Life vs your own Life Insurance

Please don’t assume that if you have life insurance at work that you will have that life insurance follow you if you leave your employer. ASK HR! Sometimes, if your benefits are offered through your union they can follow you. If offered through your company and the Company pays for it, or part of it, … Read more