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Why do you need to get risk management advise?

When you get a quote from other agencies, Do they ask questions like what is your NET WORTH? Do they explain why that is important? Do they review your coverage and make sure that you are getting the coverage that actually protects you or the state minimums cause that is all you asked for? Do you without a doubt know every coverage in your policies and know how they or if they protect you? Has your agent asked you if you have enough Life insurance to protect your loved ones if something happens to you? Do you really know what that amount is suppose to be, or did you just pick a number out of your head because it was cheap?

We don't sell INSURANCE! We uncover the risk, show you how to cover it, and try to find the least expensive policy to protect you. We educate you on your policy coverage so you have the knowledge and comfort and peace of mind that your are Covered!

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Our agency has over 60 years of insurance experience. We put that to work for you.